Case Studies

Case Studies

Sepflutech carries out various studies with the help of its own engineers, which are essential for the development of systems. These studies are partly scientifically deepened by the cooperation with universities.

In the lower part of this section you will receive on request various studies in which you can get an overview of different requirements. As an example, we present the study on the separation of oily wastewater without the addition of chemicals.

Separation of oily waste water

The aim of these test trials is to find out to what extent the Sepfutech technology is successful in separating oil and solids under different conditions and different concentrations. The tests are intended to prove that the separation of oily wastewater works with a combination of filtration and de-oiling system, without the addition of chemicals.

CustomerOperator of a waste water plant (Piraeus / Gibraltar / Hamburg)
LocationPiraeus / Hamburg
ApplicationVisiting / Performance test
Power / volume flow0.5m3/h
Required residual oil content (ppm)15 ppm
MediumWaste water containing oil
ModelTest plant Sepflutech OWS type SDU-0.5
Test and installation period2016...2017
Measure / result- Performance test SDU-0.5 (tanker & shore unit)
- 2017 Installation of a shore unit (50m3/h) at Green Ports Hamburg


At the beginning of the case study, a heavy fuel oil test was carried out on the "ECOFIGHTER" in the port of Piraeus in Greece. The ECOFIGHTER was built in 1991 as a general cargo vessel and subsequently converted into a tanker.

Test results of the "ECOFIGHTER

The on-site test yielded the following results:

Pos.TimeResult OMD-24Samples takenTemp. [*C]Pressure [bar]
115:100 ppm1.1 / 1.2220.6
215:150 ppm220.6
515:200 ppm220.6
615:300 ppm220.6
715:400 ppm220.6
815:450 ppm2.1 / 2.2220.6
915:550 ppm220.6
1016:000 ppm220.6
Stop16:100 ppm220.6

Sepflutech two-stage OWS type "SDU":

Power / volume flow0.5m3/h
MediumHeavy oil of the "ECOFIGHTER
Concentration of free oil at the inlet0.01 - 10 %

Performance test of the OWS type SDU-0.5

Several series of tests are being conducted to determine the extent to which the SDU-0.5 deoiling system meets the requirements.

Current situation:
- Concentrate from centrifuges and tanks enters the API for pre-separation of free oil and sediments.
- In flotation 2, further separation of oil and sediments takes place with the addition of FeCl3 and polymer. This unit is not currently in operation, so only water, with no chemicals added, flows through it.
- The flow enters tank 7, which is used as a buffer tank, before final treatment of the water in flotation 1. Since flotation 2 is not in operation, tank 7 is contaminated with oil, which can affect the process in flotation 1 and the final biological stage.

Preparing the test
- The test unit type SDU-0.5 is installed in the building belonging to the ARA, where flotation 1 and 2 are located.
- All connections are equipped with flexible hoses to allow easy change of test conditions.

Test series
1. Connection of SDU-0.5 between filtration 2 and tank 7
2. Connection of SDU-0.5 between API and filtration 2
3. Connection of SDU-0.5 between concentrate from centrifuges and tanks and API


- The test was successful.
- The suitability of the oil-water separator type SDU can be confirmed.
- The system works under different operating parameters and different feed concentrations. There are no changes in the system performance.


After the successful tests, it is noted that according to the customer requirements, Sepflutech technology helps to stabilize the current water treatment plant and make it more efficient. The customer has decided to install an oil-water separator (50 m³/h).

- separation of oil "HC" & solids before flotation
- positive effect for flotation and the biological stage
- improves performance and reduces operating costs of flotation
- saves resources, e.g. by not using FeCl3 and polymer during the flotation process
- keeps the oil concentration at the inlet of the flotation at the same level, thus ensuring stable operation

Environmental aspects
- savings on chemicals (chemical-free separation)
- no emissions (due to a pressurized system)

- SPO-S50 oil separator (20 - 50 m³/h)
- oil-water separator, according to test
- horizontal, single-stage system, equipped with Sepflutech profile package SPO incl. feed pump, control unit and fully automatic operation
- almost maintenance-free, without the need for spare parts and consumables
- separator profiles in SPO are resistant to any kind of liquids and high temperatures
- no cleaning required, inspection within the usual overhaul intervals (e.g. 5 years) recommended
- can be upgraded to SDU

Installation of the Sepflutech de-oiling system type "SPO-S50" (horizontal):

Power / volume flow50m3/h
Concentration of free oil at the inlet0 - 20 % (100 % for short period)
Concentration of free oil at the outflow< 15 ppm

Case Studies

Here you get an overview of some of our case studies. We will be happy to email them to you on request.

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