Fuel and oil care

Fuel and oil maintenance systems
for marine engines, emergency generators, etc.

The fuel / oil care systems can be used for all middle distillates e.g. diesel according to EN 590, DMA, DMX and fuel oil, but also for lubricating and light gear oils. Typical impurities such as solids and water are separated very efficiently.

Function & design:
The system is modular. In our standard module, combined filter-coalescer elements are used. In case of higher customer requirements regarding residual water or solids content, an additional separator stage and/or filter can be integrated.

The systems can be supplied either as individual modules for wall mounting or complete, with control system and feed pump mounted on a frame, internally piped and wired.


  • Flexible design
  • Single module with combined filtration and water separation
  • Extension by filter and/or separator stage
  • Compact design, also for high flow rates
  • Very efficient separation performance
  • Plug & Play - installation, easy to maintain and operate

The systems are characterized by high reliability, low operating costs as well as easy handling compared to alternative technologies, e.g. centrifuges.

Fuel care for navy and government vessels

Example plantSFT-4500
ApplicationsFuel care
Power / volume flow4500 l/h
MediumF75 / F76
Installation date2018 - 2022

Fuel care for cruise and merchant ships

Example plantSFT-14000
InstallationCruise ship
ApplicationsFuel care
Power / volume flow14 m³/h
Installation date2016 - 2022

Fuel maintenance for emergency generators in data centers

Example plantSFT-1500
InstallationEmergency power supply data center NL/DK
ApplicationsFuel care
Power / volume flow1500 l/h
MediumDiesel fuel according to EN 590
Installation date2016 - 2022
Example plantSFT-300-D
InstallationEmergency power supply data center Vienna
ApplicationsFuel care incl. dosing station
Power / volume flow300 l/h
MediumDiesel fuel according to EN 590
Installation date2022
Example plantSFT-1000
InstallationEmergency power supply data center Australia
ApplicationsFuel care
Power / volume flow1000 l/h
MediumDiesel fuel according to EN 590
Installation date2023

Oil care for industrial plants

Example plantSOT-3000
InstallationTest bench engine manufacturer
ApplicationsOil care
Power / volume flow3000 l/h
MediumEngine oil
Installation date2023
Example plantSOT-700
InstallationPower plant UK
ApplicationsOil care
Power / volume flow700 l/h
MediumLubricating oil ISO VG 46
Installation date2023