Worldwide application

Separation solutions for global partners

Sepflutech plants are designed for a wide variety of applications and requirements. Rarely does one plant resemble another. The use in various industries with different space conditions requires an optimized development.


  • Bilge water separator of the SDU series
  • Fuel and oil maintenance equipment for filtration and dewatering
  • Oil-in-water monitor systems OCMU & OCMU+

Oil & Gas

  • De-oiling systems for the treatment of oily process and waste water
  • Crude oil dewatering systems


  • De-oiling systems for the treatment of process and waste water
  • Preparation of washing and cutting emulsions

Power generation

  • Fuel maintenance systems
  • Oil maintenance equipment
  • De-oiling systems for the treatment of e.g. cooling water

Service & Spare Parts

  • Coalescer elements and spare parts for bilge water separators and fuel maintenance systems
  • Pumps, monitors and other spare parts (original parts)
  • Licensed service partner (function test according to IOPP) of oil-in-water monitors